SFC recommendations for the next EU legislative cycle

June 2024

Given that the EU and Swiss economies are closely interconnected, we have a shared interest in ensuring the international competitiveness of the European economy. Our members are therefore deeply committed to the EU’s goal of building an effective and open Capital Markets Union that helps capital flow to EU projects and business that are key for the transition towards a more sustainable and digital economy.

Swiss Finance Council position on reduction of the settlement cycle to T+1

January 2024

The Swiss Finance Council has a strong interest in the discussion on shortening the settlement cycle to T+1 across equities, fixed income and ETFs in Europe because Swiss, EU and UK securities markets are closely interconnected and in the post-trade area apply the same principles and technical standards. This is a complex area that will require careful analysis and policy development to assist firms in managing the significant operational challenges that will stem from the transition.

Swiss Finance Council position paper on future of CMU

December 2023

The Swiss Finance Council welcomes the public reflection on the future of the EU Capital Markets Union (CMU) project. We believe that a particular focus should be given on measures that can bring more size into the EU capital market in the short and medium term and guide financing of the green transition. 

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